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Copri accensione F&F per motori Husqvarna 125cc, creato mediante stampa 3D!

Solo 41 grammi di peso, ottima resistenza! 

Il pezzo viene realizzato sul momento dopo la richiesta, di conseguenza l'evasione di un eventuale ordine non sarà immediato ( sono 6 ore di stampa). 


F&F ignition cover for Husqvarna 125cc crankcase, created by 3D printing!

Only 41 grams of weight, excellent resistance!

it is made at the time after the order because of the time for print that (it takes about 6 hours of printing).

Copri-accensione Husqvarna 125

VAT Included

    Products reserved exclusively for competitions in the places intended for them according to the provisions of the competent sporting authorities. F&F declines all responsibility for improper use.

    Products made for competition use only. F&F declines any responsibility for any improper use.

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