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In 2017 F&F achieved great satisfaction! As usual, the commitment was double, between the "drag racing" and the "track" part.

Drag racing: in 2017 the F&F team was made up of 2 riders with their respective vehicles, both participating in the category Scooter Carenati Special 100cc motorized fa2st by F&F. The riders were:Philip Savazzi, who conquered the second position in the championship with 3 podium finishes, eAlessandro Schivardi, who with a podium and a bit of bad luck is positioned in Fifth position.

Furthermore, in the last race of the year, the F&F team also fields a faired 70cc, which immediately conquers the third step of the podium.

Track: The F&F team fills 3 positions on the grid of the CNV 2017 championship, which with the 2 Yamaha Jogs driven byElia PernigottiAndJoe Liotta, and the Aerox ofMatteo Trevisan, give emotions for the whole season!

There was no shortage of results, in fact at the end of the championship F&F occupied the second and third position of the 70 Open scooter category, and the second position of the 70 Light Scooter category, conquering the Italian title as best Scooter Team of the championship NVC!


In 2018 the F&F team decided to jump into the Polini championship with 2 riders, while the adventure continues for the f10 in the IDC championship: 

Drag racing: 2018 was a year of great development for the f10, entered once again in the Faired Special 100cc category but with a new engine: 2 fast 100cc FL on 2fast passion fruit crankcases, which make the competition very hard-fought, with records broken in every race!

At the end of the season the F&F team will win the title of Italian champion, also setting the fantastic record of 7.16sec in 201m earning the IDC hall of fame!

Furthermore, in the middle of the season we showed up at the Racalmuto stage of the Quarter mile Sicily, the Sicilian drag championship that hosted us, and we proved to be competitive by setting the absolute best time and thus winning the race!_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

Track: The F&F team consists of 2 riders:  Elia Pernigottiwith his Yamaha Jog in the 70cc Amateur category, e l'Aerox byMatteo Trevisanin the Supersport 70cc category. 

The season starts with a bang, with excellent placings for both riders, but unfortunately after only 3 races the season has to end for Pernigotti due to personal problems, while for Trevisani the season will end in the fourth stage, where he is seriously injured following a fall that forces him to not be able to put his helmet back on for the rest of the season.


Our experience on the racing fields began in 2014, when we raced in the Malossi Nord Championship with a SP zip with Mattia Giannini as driver. There were no great results but it was certainly a year of exceptional growth from all points of view.


At the same time we were starting to approach the IDC (Italian Dragster Championship) races with some rare presence.


In 2015, however, our top driver became Christian Tracconaglia (known as Trakkomatto) with whom we competed in the stage 6 championship in the Rookie Street 70 category with a Yamaha Aerox powered by a Stage 6 R/T 70 engine. Here come the first results with a_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_more than deserved second place at the end of the championship and the decision to continue the collaboration also in 2016.

Furthermore, the first real experiences also begin in the Drag field, with two f10 entered in the IDC, and with which we have conquered some podiums at the end of the championship, among the such as some first places.


2016 was a very challenging year from all points of view. We worked both on the track, again with Trakkomatto but with a fa2st 70 motorized jog and a new driver (Matteo Trevisani) on our old Aerox, both entered in the National SSBK FMI trophy, and in the drag field, in which we found ourselves at the end of the year with 3 Malaguti f10 registered in the IDC.

The track season ended with a second place despite the great bad luck in various stages.

The season in the IDC2016 championship instead gave us some merit, although in some cases bad luck played its part here too.

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