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F&F brake discs are the company's flagship product, designed internally, made by means of high precision laser cutting and finally finished and checked one by one in order to guarantee the best possible quality.

Made of a special stainless steel alloy, they have been tested and used for years by our team, perfecting the choice of material and final shape.

Thanks to its particular shape it manages to dissipate heat in a formidable way, and above all it always keeps the pad clean, which combined with the choice of the right material form a product with powerful and constant braking during the race session, and with an almost infinite duration !!

Despite this, the quality/price ratio is almost unbeatable!

The pawls of the floating discs are also made of stainless steel, CNC machined and easy to assemble/replace.

Anodized Ergal 7075 pawls of various colors of your choice have recently been available! Discover the colors among the various product options!

Products reserved exclusively for competitions in the places intended for them according to the provisions of the competent sporting authorities. F&F disclaims all responsibility for improper use.

brake discs


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