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In 2018 F&F ran in Polini Italian Cup with 2  drivers:  Trevisani Matteo with his Yamaha Aerox and Pernigotti Elia , with his Yamaha Jog. The start of the season was good but after 3 races Pernigotti had to leave everithing and so he stopped his championship. Trevisani at the 4th race fall down and hurt himself seriously and he's forced to stop everithing too.

About Drag racing 2018 was a great year for our Malaguti F10, signed up in "Carenati Special 100cc" of the IDC championship, but with a new engine: 2 fast 100cc FL on 2fast carters passion fruit, that gave us a lot of more power!

Team F&F win 2018 IDC championship and confirmed his power with the new record of 7.16sec in 201m - 150km/h !


Our racing history starts in 2014, 

when we run with a fantastic Zip SP,

rided by Giannini Mattia,

in Malossi Championship.

It was a great experience for us!

We rarely did some Drag racing too.


In 2015 we sign up to Stage6 Cup with a Yamaha Aerox,

ridden by Tracconaglia Christian, with a Stage6 R/T 70cc.

We gain the 2nd position at the end of the championship!

About Drag racing we started with some

IDC (Italian Dragster Championship) race,

and we had some good results with a 1st place too!


In 2016 with Tracconaglia we start using Yamaha Jog in "SSBK" Championship,

and the old aerox was ridden by Trevisani Matteo, in the same championship.


At the end of the season we gain the 2nd position another time.

About Drag racing we run in IDC with 3 Malaguti F10!

It was an unluky season but very funny and a great experience.


In 2017 F&F  achieved great satisfactions!

Drag racing

F&F presents at the starts his 2 F10, ridden by Alessandro Schivardi and Filippo Savazzi, at IDC Championship! As final results we gain the 2nd position and the 5th one.

Track Race

 We decide to sign up to CNV 2017 Championship, with 3 pilots:

Trevisani Matteo, with his Yamaha Aerox;

Pernigotti Elia, with our old Yamaha Jog;

Liotta Joy, with another Yamaha Jog.

At the end of the season F&F gain the 1st position as best team!

Because of the 2nd place of Trevisani and the 3rd place of Pernigotti in "scooter 70 Open",

and the 2nd position of Liotta in  "scooter 70 Light".

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