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Filippo Boceda

Mantova, Italy

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  • What is the advantage of a floating disk over a fixed one?
    First of all, how is a floating disk different from a fixed one? The difference is evident, floating discs have small round pieces protruding along a certain circular axis of the disc, called pawls. The pawls are necessary because, in order to be floating, a brake disc must be made up of 2 separate parts: a central part, fixed to the rim by a series of screws, and an external part (braking track), where the pad slides. fixed to the central part by means of the pawls. There are mainly 2 reasons why a disk is made floating: - always perfect centering in the caliper: thanks to the pawls, the disc has the possibility of moving axially (about 0.5 mm), to give it the possibility of always remaining perfectly centered in the caliper, both during acceleration and when the brake is pressed, which during braking, thus reducing harmful friction, vibrations and above all does not "open" the pads more, thus making braking more sensitive; - heat transmission: being 2 separate parts, the braking track does not transmit heat to the central part fixed to the rim, thus avoiding possibly harmful deformations to the entire disc.
  • Order fulfillment and shipping times.
    Once the order confirmation and payment procedure has been carried out, F&F will handle the request as quickly as possible, but generally shipments are made 2 to 5 WORKING days after the order is placed (example: I order a product on the 14th /01, is shipped between 15 and 20/01, excluding weekends), except in special cases. Shipments are made by express couriers, generally GLS, and take 24/48h from departure, except for some areas of southern Italy and the islands. At the time of shipment, you will receive an automatic email from GLS with the traceability code and all the info for delivery. If you have special urgencies, based on commitments we can accommodate your request, contact us and we will do our best. Thank you very much, F&F.
  • Is it possible to return a piece ordered by mistake or defective?
    Yes, in case of return you can follow this form: Or contact us directly via email: We will provide all the necessary information to facilitate the return. The standard procedure provides that the piece to be returned is sent to us and you will be refunded the value of the piece itself (therefore excluding shipping costs) in case of wrong order. In the event of a defective product, however, we will also fully refund the shipping costs!
  • I want to buy a product, but it's not available, what can I do?"
    If a product is not available, contact us, it is possible that the site is not always perfectly updated or in any case we can give an estimate of availability.
  • I have seen your product but it is not present on the site and I am interested, how do I do it?"
    If you have seen one of our products that is not present on the site, it could be a one-of-a-kind custom-made piece or a prototype. As usual, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to satisfy your curiosity.
  • I'm interested in one of your products but I don't think I'm able to assemble it, how do I do it?"
    Don't worry, F&F products are always designed to be as plug&play as possible, i.e. easy to assemble. And we are willing to provide any assistance if needed! Furthermore, F&F in the various product kits always thinks of everything that surrounds the product itself, providing all the necessary nuts and bolts and accessories.
  • I have a project and I'm looking for a professional who is able to carry it out, can I contact you?"
    F&F is always available to make products on behalf of third parties, even for just 1 piece. You can very well request a detailed quote by sending us an email to: For each estimate, a 2D or a 3D (.stp format) drawing is requested, accompanied by a detailed description and any photos of similar pieces or of the place where it will be mounted in the future. Obviously all privacy rules are respected and each file/drawing will absolutely not be disclosed.
  • I would like to make a custom brake disc. it's possible?
    Certainly, F&F is able to satisfy the request without problems, via e-mail contact. If it's for a scooter/motorcycle that we already have other discs in the catalogue, just send us a photo with a sketch/example of how you want it and the desired diameter. (attention: small surcharges apply to customized brake discs) If, on the other hand, the request is for a scooter/motorcycle for which we do not have discs in the catalogue, all the information necessary for its design could be required: -outer diameter; -internal or centering diameter; -n° of fixing screws and hole specifications (example: holes for countersunk M8 screws); -"diameter" drilling of fixing screws -disc thickness -number of pieces All this via e-mail contact, we will try to accommodate the request.
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